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Austin Certified Business Appraisers

Business owners find it difficult — often impossible — to place a value on their companies, which is where ATK Ventures and our Austin certified business appraisers prove to be a valuable resource.

Knowing the fair market value of your company can come in handy in a lot of different situations — one of the most common being when you’re looking to sell your company. The valuation of your company is a very crucial step in the process, which is why it should only be left to qualified and proven certified business appraisers in Austin TX.

Here at ATK Ventures, we specialize in working with middle-market companies of all industries, providing their owners with sell-side advisory services that help them determine everything from when to sell and how to structure a deal to selecting the right buyer.

We are Austin certified business appraisers that care about results. We know that each business owner that we work with has a different set of motivations for exiting their companies and goals they have for the transaction. We always start by speaking, at length, with our clients to ensure that we align with their values throughout this process and that we can help them find results.


Get accurate, comprehensive valuations from ATK Ventures

Calculating the fair market value of your business can be difficult when you have spent your life working inside of that business. Your idea of value might be a little skewed. But, ATK Ventures has seasoned appraisers that look at all key metrics and data points to put an accurate value on your company.


Not only that, but when it comes time to sell and that value comes under scrutiny, our certified business appraisers in Austin TX will be able to defend it. That’s because these valuations are rock solid and our team is highly experienced in the valuation process. This expertise in valuation lays the groundwork for a successful sale of your business, just as we have done for over 70 business owners to date, and counting.

Learn more about what we can do as your Austin certified business appraisers by setting up a free consultation and one-hour initial business assessment. This is a completely free opportunity to simply gain important insights into your company so that you can strategize for your exit.