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ATK Ventures helps sell your business
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We simplify the M&A process and take great pride in being exceptional listeners. We strive to construct and execute transactions that meet or exceed the needs of both our sellers and buyers.
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We have over a 90% success rate and are specialists at helping our clients Maximize Their Exit.


We are passionate about aligning with you to help you achieve your exit goals.


Is crucial when selling your business. We maintain high confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Unique Process

We Simplify the M&A Process

Phase One: Engage & Prepare

Step One
Discovery Meeting

Discovery meetings usually last about an hour. This is where we learn about your business and exit goals. If we gain enough information in the meeting, we are typically able to provide you with a low to high Opinion of Value as well as provide consultation on how to develop an exit strategy.

Step Two
Engagement Letter

If we determine your business is ready to go to market and you are ready to sell, we execute an Engagement Letter and completely align all the resources of our firm with your goals in order to Maximize Your Exit.

Step Three
Marketing Package & Buyer List

During this step we will collect information sufficient to create your Business Profile. We then research our extensive buyer database and if necessary, confidentially market your business online to a diverse pool of both financial and strategic buyers without giving away any company specific information.

Step Four
Sell Side Due Diligence & CIM

During this step we complete your company’s financial analysis and CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum). We have our highly experienced Fortune 500 Financial Strategist review your financials, so we are able to present them confidently and defend them if necessary to a prospective buyer and/or third-party accounting firm.

Phase Two: Go to Market & Select Buyer

Step Five
Qualify Buyers & Entice IOI's

During this step we filter through all of the interested potential buyers to select only those that have both the ability to operate the business as well as fund the transaction. We then give these prospective buyers a deadline to submit a written IOI (Indication of Interest) which helps us further identify only the serious buyers.

Step Six
Facilitate Buyer Meetings & Entice LOI's

During this step we begin to schedule in person meetings to introduce you to prospective buyers. Many times, we can identify the buyer within the first few minutes if there is enough “synergy” between buyer and seller. We then listen to you to determine which buyers you prefer. At this point we entice offers by setting a deadline to submit an LOI (Letter of Intent). Only LOI’s that are received by the set date will be considered.

Step Seven
Review Offers & Accept Offer

During this step we will review all offers with you. You then have the option to decline, accept or counter. If necessary, we can negotiate price, terms or deal structure with prospective buyers in order to come to an agreement.

Phase Three: Due Diligence & Legal

Step Eight
Buy Side Due Diligence

Once an offer is accepted, buy-side due diligence begins. At this point we have already completed sell-side due diligence so we are prepared to defend your business to a prospective buyer or any third-party firm they may hire to help them complete this step. This is one of several factors that truly separates our firm from most others as this is the step in which deals can completely fall apart if the seller is not fully prepared.

Step Nine
Create & Execute Legal Documents

This is another critical step of selling a company. With our experienced team of vetted attorneys, we can help navigate this process and remove all contingencies to ensure the transaction gets closed.

Step Ten
Close & Celebrate

This is the goal we’ve all been working towards and what makes all of the work we put into selling your business worthwhile! Selling a business is a life changing event and one that we take very seriously. It is truly an honor to use our experience and expertise to serve our clients and help them find the right buyer, negotiate the right price/structure and Maximize Their Exit! Now it’s time to relish the moment and celebrate knowing you can now put your plans for the next season of your life into action!

ATK Ventures Group

Specializes in helping successful business owners in Texas sell their business for maximum value. Our team is highly experienced and truly understands what it takes to navigate through the entire sales process from beginning to end while maintaining confidentiality. 

In order to sell your business, it is critical to determine a realistic target price that is in the “strike zone” of serious buyers. It is also imperative that potential buyers be qualified both financially as well as their ability to operate the business before they ever get the chance to meet with you – the seller. The way the business is marketed is crucial in order to attract serious, capable buyers. 

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ATK Ventures can provide you with a realistic low to high market value for your business, create an effective marketing package, qualify potential buyers and negotiate price and structure on your behalf in order to save you time and help you achieve your exit goals.

We take on the expense of marketing your business and invest our time with no upfront costs to you if we are confident, we can meet or exceed your expectations. If we don’t believe we can achieve your goals, we will provide you with our reasoning based on our experience and help you create an exit plan to prepare your business to sell for maximum value in the future.

We will provide a realistic expectation of market value and advise you of your various exit options. We are straightforward with our explanation of what you can expect during the sales process. You have worked hard to build your business to this point. Let us help you find the right buyer and Maximize Your Exit so you can move on to your next venture!



In looking for the right business to purchase, my wife and I met with Talon and his team to discuss potential businesses. After learning about our goals and the type of business we were looking for, Talon brought a business to our attention that was new to the market. It was a good fit for us and was being offered at a great value. Talon helped us navigate through the buying process with the seller ensuring a smooth process. Three years later, we received an offer sold the business at a substantial profit. Talon did a great job in finding a business for us that was a good fit and had the growth potential we were looking for.

John & Leanne LeeTCS

Our experience with Talon was first class! We were extremely impressed from the first time we met Talon and the team. They are experts in selling businesses and will most definitely give you valuable advice! The entire process was smooth from first discovery meeting until the wiring of funds. Their goal is to facilitate the sale of your business for the best price and terms as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to sell your business, call Talon. He will do what they say and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Glen and Patsy BradleyBradTex Heating & Air

After 30+ years of working hands on in our family business we were ready to look towards the future for our company. When we decided that we were ready to sell it was important for us to find a company to help us with the sale that respected our relationships with our employees and customers. We met with Talon and the team and felt their core values were in line with ours. Talon worked with us through the process to match us with the right buyers for our company and desires for its future. Talons guidance and expertise from the start to closing helped us to make this a win for us, a win for the buyer and a win for our customers and employees.

David & Cyndi KeelerAll-Systems

Talon…..I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. There are times in my life when God has introduced me to just the right people and this was one of those times. As I look back on the process I realize how little I knew about the sale of a business. I was so blessed to be involved with your team of experts. I received a phone solicitation early March. We had our first meeting mid March. I had an offer that exceeded my expectations end of April. Closed the sale mid May. During the process your team put me together with the right buyer, led me through the process, put me together with an expert attorney. Victor and his partners advised me to structure the payment in a manner that literally saved me $40k in tax payments. As I write this from my recliner, I have the funds deposited in the bank, the buyers are operating their new company with most all transitions completed, and all my former employees are still employed and appear to be happy with the change. Win, Win, Win. That is the way I wanted to exit.

Dale KingFormer President, Retired, King Air Conditioning, Inc

I started my company twenty years ago. When I was ready to sell, I interviewed several business brokers. One of them was Talon “the Eagle” because my financial advisor referred me to him. Talon was very knowledgeable and straightforward answering my questions so I chose him. He quickly found the right buyer, negotiated everything on my behalf and sold my company for maximum value. I highly recommend Talon and the highly experienced team to anyone considering selling their business.

Almir DemoraisTotal Cleaning Services

Our first meeting with Talon was very comfortable and loved his knowledge in selling a business for both the buyer and seller. Talon and all his team were very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of selling a business. Talon and all his team made sure everything went smoothly all communication was courteous and professional. His recommendation of an attorney to get through the legal process went smooth and very professional to work with. Talon also suggested to get our business evaluated with a CPA/Evaluation firm for tax purposes. That evaluation ended up saving us 100K plus in taxes. For the cost of the evaluation it was worth the cost. The process was all done within 30 days. Talon did very well following up with each process and has stayed in contact after sale was final. I would highly recommend Talon.

Cody and Kandice SheffieldFormer President/VP, Boone’s Heat. & A/C, Inc.

I think anyone can find a buyer. The road from finding a buyer to cashing a check is fraught with pitfalls. The whole process is fraught with emotion and sometimes the smallest things can blow a deal up. Talon and team made sure our buyer and us kept our eye on the goal. We would not have gotten the amount of money we got for our business without the team negotiating for us and we certainly would not have closed without the firm mediating the whole process.

Leonard E. LynskeyComplete Pharmacy Care

Starting a business is hard. Running a business is even harder. But, selling a business is the hardest of all. It’s an emotional process selling something you love so much. Talon served as an ultimate matchmaker between us and the new owner of Southern Comfort Mechanical. The team treated my husband and I with sensitivity and brought a sense of peace throughout the entire transaction all the while getting us a premium price. Talon and his team are the true “Dream Team!

Jason and Laurie FraserSouthern Comfort Mechanical

So grateful for the relationship we’ve developed with Talon and the ATK team! Rarely have I worked with an intermediary whose role in bringing together transaction partners extends so far beyond that of an advisor. Virtually every candidate Talon has recommended has been very much in line with our focus as a strategic acquirer. ATK has demonstrated a keen ability to assess all the things that matter when finding the right buyer for the sellers they represent. Additionally, ATK has proven time and time again to be invaluable throughout all phases of the transaction process: negotiation, diligence and execution. In short, ATK knows how to get deals done.

Steve SchultzPrincipal and CFO, MPact Initiatives, parent company of Milestone Electric, Inc.