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ATK Ventures helps sell your business
so you can own your future.
ATK Ventures helps sell your business so you can own your future.

Business Brokers

M&A Advisors


Business Brokers

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors

ATK Ventures has a proven track record of effectively negotiating and closing M&A transactions. Our experienced M&A advisors will guide you through the entire process.
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We have over a 90% success rate and are specialists at helping our clients Maximize Their Exit.


We are passionate about aligning with you to help you achieve your exit goals.


Is crucial when selling your business. We maintain high confidentiality throughout the entire process.

ATK Ventures
Mergers & Acquisitions

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Dallas Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors

ATK Ventures specializes in helping you sell your business for maximum value in minimum time. Selling your business on your own can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This can cause business operations to suffer which can drastically impact the value and marketability of your company. This is why it is crucial to have an experienced deal team that is aligned with you and your exit goals. We have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of what it takes to maintain confidentiality, mitigate your risks, and complete a successful transaction.

Whether you are ready to sell your company now or create an exit strategy for the future, we can help. We know how to accurately value your business and have proven marketing strategies. We are honest and objective about the value of your business as well as what you can expect during the business sales process. If we are confident, we can accomplish your exit goals, we can market your business at zero upfront costs to you. If we do not believe we can accomplish your goals, we will explain why based on our experience and with our network of trusted advisors, can help you optimize your business for the market.

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As your transaction advisory team, we will facilitate and manage the entire M&A process, mitigate your risks, advise, negotiate, and close on your behalf. We save you valuable time and frustration and drastically increase your chance of successfully completing a transaction. Our experienced team and Unique Process also help ensure an optimal purchase price and deal structure.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you. We are excellent listeners, and we want to understand your exit goals. We can provide you with a complimentary opinion of value, answer questions, and share what various exit scenarios could look like. Contact us today and let ATK Ventures help you Maximize Your Exit!



In looking for the right business to purchase, my wife and I met with Talon and his team to discuss potential businesses. After learning about our goals and the type of business we were looking for, Talon brought a business to our attention that was new to the market. It was a good fit for us and was being offered at a great value. Talon helped us navigate through the buying process with the seller ensuring a smooth process. Three years later, we received an offer sold the business at a substantial profit. Talon did a great job in finding a business for us that was a good fit and had the growth potential we were looking for.

John & Leanne LeeTCS

Our experience with Talon was first class! We were extremely impressed from the first time we met Talon and the team. They are experts in selling businesses and will most definitely give you valuable advice! The entire process was smooth from first discovery meeting until the wiring of funds. Their goal is to facilitate the sale of your business for the best price and terms as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to sell your business, call Talon. He will do what they say and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Glen and Patsy BradleyBradTex Heating & Air

After 30+ years of working hands on in our family business we were ready to look towards the future for our company. When we decided that we were ready to sell it was important for us to find a company to help us with the sale that respected our relationships with our employees and customers. We met with Talon and the team and felt their core values were in line with ours. Talon worked with us through the process to match us with the right buyers for our company and desires for its future. Talons guidance and expertise from the start to closing helped us to make this a win for us, a win for the buyer and a win for our customers and employees.

David & Cyndi KeelerAll-Systems

Talon…..I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. There are times in my life when God has introduced me to just the right people and this was one of those times. As I look back on the process I realize how little I knew about the sale of a business. I was so blessed to be involved with your team of experts. I received a phone solicitation early March. We had our first meeting mid March. I had an offer that exceeded my expectations end of April. Closed the sale mid May. During the process your team put me together with the right buyer, led me through the process, put me together with an expert attorney. Victor and his partners advised me to structure the payment in a manner that literally saved me $40k in tax payments. As I write this from my recliner, I have the funds deposited in the bank, the buyers are operating their new company with most all transitions completed, and all my former employees are still employed and appear to be happy with the change. Win, Win, Win. That is the way I wanted to exit.

Dale KingFormer President, Retired, King Air Conditioning, Inc

I started my company twenty years ago. When I was ready to sell, I interviewed several business brokers. One of them was Talon “the Eagle” because my financial advisor referred me to him. Talon was very knowledgeable and straightforward answering my questions so I chose him. He quickly found the right buyer, negotiated everything on my behalf and sold my company for maximum value. I highly recommend Talon and the highly experienced team to anyone considering selling their business.

Almir DemoraisTotal Cleaning Services

Our first meeting with Talon was very comfortable and loved his knowledge in selling a business for both the buyer and seller. Talon and all his team were very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of selling a business. Talon and all his team made sure everything went smoothly all communication was courteous and professional. His recommendation of an attorney to get through the legal process went smooth and very professional to work with. Talon also suggested to get our business evaluated with a CPA/Evaluation firm for tax purposes. That evaluation ended up saving us 100K plus in taxes. For the cost of the evaluation it was worth the cost. The process was all done within 30 days. Talon did very well following up with each process and has stayed in contact after sale was final. I would highly recommend Talon.

Cody and Kandice SheffieldFormer President/VP, Boone’s Heat. & A/C, Inc.

I think anyone can find a buyer. The road from finding a buyer to cashing a check is fraught with pitfalls. The whole process is fraught with emotion and sometimes the smallest things can blow a deal up. Talon and team made sure our buyer and us kept our eye on the goal. We would not have gotten the amount of money we got for our business without the team negotiating for us and we certainly would not have closed without the firm mediating the whole process.

Leonard E. LynskeyComplete Pharmacy Care

Starting a business is hard. Running a business is even harder. But, selling a business is the hardest of all. It’s an emotional process selling something you love so much. Talon served as an ultimate matchmaker between us and the new owner of Southern Comfort Mechanical. The team treated my husband and I with sensitivity and brought a sense of peace throughout the entire transaction all the while getting us a premium price. Talon and his team are the true “Dream Team!

Jason and Laurie FraserSouthern Comfort Mechanical

So grateful for the relationship we’ve developed with Talon and the ATK team! Rarely have I worked with an intermediary whose role in bringing together transaction partners extends so far beyond that of an advisor. Virtually every candidate Talon has recommended has been very much in line with our focus as a strategic acquiror. ATK has demonstrated a keen ability to assess all the things that matter when finding the right buyer for the sellers they represent. Additionally, ATK has proven time and time again to be invaluable throughout all phases of the transaction process: negotiation, diligence and execution. In short, ATK knows how to get deals done.

Steve SchultzPrincipal and CFO, MPact Initiatives, parent company of Milestone Electric, Inc.

My experience in doing business with Talon and ATK Ventures was great from the beginning until the end. I first met with him to just get an appraisal on my company thinking of a future sell. He was able to find a buyer within days for top dollar amount. He answers any questions very thoroughly and will make sure you understand every part of the process. I am extremely grateful to have done business with Talon and would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking to sell or acquire a business.

FelipePremium Remodel Services

Talon did a fantastic job guiding our transaction to a successful close. He understands the characteristics of businesses that would make sense as add-ons for our platform and was wonderful in making a strong introduction that saved valuable time for both parties. He ensured that issues were resolved in a timely manner and kept lines of communication open between the seller and buyer. Diligence questions were responded to quickly and professionally.

Tanner PaynePresident, Total Cleaning & Renovation Services

There are no words that describes the elation I feel when I think about our experience with the ATK team! The word that comes most to my mind when I think about the business partnership is Exemplary! Talon, Glen, Cliff, and Randy are exceptional. Never did I think that when I met the ATK team that we would be in such caring and dedicated hands.
When we first met Glen, we knew there was a connection. We were just beginning to explore our options for selling our company. His graciousness and kind nature made us feel very comfortable. So much in fact, that when he went to work for ATK Ventures, we followed him, and I am so glad we did.

Beth Worman, Part 1Program Development & Implementation Manager, The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC

When he introduced us to Talon and Randy, I told them the story of how The Missing Peace (TMP) was founded in 2014. They instantly believed in the mission of TMP and guaranteed us that they would find the perfect buyer for our organization. That was an incredibly difficult time for me, and their words of assurance, affirmation and appreciation eased any discomfort I was experiencing, and I knew at that moment they were our guys!
Soon, we met Cliff. Cliff is nothing short of brilliant! At first, I was overwhelmed when we began talking with Cliff. I couldn’t believe how much information was being requested, how many reports, financial data and spreadsheets Megan and I had to create. I quickly learned that to keep Cliff happy, I was to keep using the same email thread when discussing a particular topic instead of starting a new email chain. I learned to appreciate the fact that Cliff’s attention to detail precision was critical in the financial representation of TMP. In fact, it was contagious. Over time, I began to enjoy his requests for information and looked forward to his emails and calls.

Beth Worman, Part 2Program Development & Implementation Manager, The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC

Cliff recommended that when tasks became daunting, while also running the business full time, that we should knock out the hard things first and get them out of the way, then focus on the easier tasks. I did that, and he was right. His advice was instrumental in the due diligence process. The team had us so prepared ahead of time that by the time we had reached due diligence, we had already done most of the work.
The dedication, commitment, and loyalty the ATK team demonstrated from the beginning of the acquisition process through closing not only made me feel like we were their only client, who we were not, but also made me feel like they had become a part of the TMP family. They couldn’t have found a better buyer for us. Overall, the process was smooth and enjoyable. Road bumps were quickly dealt with and resolved. We felt heard, respected, and cared for through the entire process, even when we were being overly picky. They knew we just wanted the best for TMP, our clients and our employees.

Beth Worman, Part 3Program Development & Implementation Manager, The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC

I would highly recommend ATK Ventures to anyone who is selling their business! The prompt attention, care and consideration Talon and his team will put into your company is hands down, the BEST there is!
The trust that was established between the ATK Team and TMP turned in to an amazing friendship. One that I will forever cherish. They believed in us, and as a seller, that meant more than anything!

Beth Worman, Part 4Program Development & Implementation Manager, The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center, LLC

I am so thankful to Glen and the ATK VenturesTeam for their dedication, diligence, and professional guidance through the process of selling The Missing Peace. Glen and the entire ATK team made every effort to get to know me as a person first rather than just a transaction. Selling a business is a very daunting process but ATK prepared us so well from the very beginning that every step of the way was seamless. We were even able to close the sale two weeks ahead of schedule. Cliff does an excellent job ensuring each seller has the information needed ahead of schedule so that you never feel as if you are rushing to gather items. This transaction not only allowed us to find a great buyer for our organization, but we gained lifelong friends in ATK as well. I highly recommend the ATK Ventures team to assist in any future business transactions one may have!

Megan Haupert, M. Ed., BCBA, LBAThe Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center

My husband and I are so thankful to Talon and the ATK Ventures Team for their honesty and for. being there to guide and support us during one of the most difficult decisions that we have ever had to make. Selling your business is not easy and can be very emotional, but Talon made this such a smooth experience. He truly cares about what you need and went above and beyond to make sure that we had all the information to make the right decisions for our family and future. From the first meeting, I knew we were in good hands and that is sale would be a success. We truly believe that God puts the right people in your life at the right time and Talon was sent to us when God knew we needed him most. We might have sold our business, but we gained a good friend for life.


I worked with Talon on a recent acquisition of an apartment services company, and the experience exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Talon proved knowledgeable and easy to work with, and he quarterbacked a smooth and efficient process. Early on, it was clear that we share common core values in being honest and forthright in negotiations, which was refreshing relative to other experiences. I hope to work with Talon again many times over.

Danny PaynePartner & Co-Founder, Northrim Horizon

I had the privilege of working with Talon on our most recent acquisition and had an amazing experience! We have purchased a handful of companies over the past 10 years, working with different brokers for each acquisition, and our dealings with most brokers have been average at best. Working with ATK Ventures was a completely different experience, and Talon is BY FAR the best broker we have ever worked with! He and his team are knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

Neel WarrenOwner, Warren Service Co.

ATK Ventures and especially Talon, were absolutely great in the process of selling our business. Talon was very professional, forthcoming, and helpful through the entire process and it wouldn't have been possible without him. It was our first business sale and our company was 13 years old and we were able to get it done within 6 months. We are extremely thankful and appreciative for everything!

Kevin WilliamsTri-County Air Care LLC

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Glen and the ATK team for all that they did during the process of selling Crosspoint Autism Therapy. From the moment we met the ATK team, we felt that their first priority was to ensure we were taken care of throughout this entire process. While very nervous about the process of selling a business, the ATK team was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, caring, and professional. They cared about us as owners, our staff, and the clients that we serve and this care was demonstrated as they sought to find the perfect buyer for our company. I am so thankful that ATK was recommended to us, and I will be recommending them to anyone looking to engage in a business transaction.

Kristin Fida, M.Ed, BCBAClinical Director, Owner, Crosspoint Autism Therapy, LLC

Talon and the team at ATK Ventures are quality guys that know what they are doing. I've sent multiple of my business owner clients their way and always hear positive feedback about their expertise and character. One of my clients in particular has worked with their team on several deals. Buying and selling businesses is highly emotional and their team have been able to maneuver challenges and get the deals done with happy parties on both sides of the deal which is an art and a science. Definitely recommend them!

Sean ShoenmakersCertified Business Coach

Talon and the ATK team were phenomenal to work with on one of our partnerships in Waco, Tx. Here at Teamshares, we look for exceptional businesses to partner with and help transition to employee ownership. Talon helped us find a great one. From the pre-LOI stage to close, Talon and team made the buying process as smooth as possible whether that was providing requested items, thoughtful answers to our questions, and helping explain to the Seller how the process will work. Very much looking forward to the next one.

Tanner FaulknerCPA

Talon and ATK have been great to work with. We truly value the relationship and everything they bring to the table. If you are looking to exit or considering positioning your business properly for an exit, give them a call. You will be in great hands.

Michael DickensOwner, LIFT Marketing

Talon was a pleasure to work with. I was purchasing a company he represented in selling. He communicated clearly, expeditiously, and in earnest with us. I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their company as he will do a great job representing you.

Jonathan Chase

If you're ever in a position that you need to sell your business or want to sell it, Talon is a true proficient professional! He practices what he preaches, and that innate quality is hard to find in any industry!

Autumn McCall

My name is Russell and my wife’s name is Rosie. We met Talon and Lisa from ATK Ventures, and they offered to help us sell our business. After we discussed what a good exit plan would be and what the business would be worth, they gathered all the information and worked their magic. These two people are angels of the sky. We ended up selling the business at a higher price than anticipated. ATK Ventures made the process for us very simple and easy to understand. They took charge and were very professional. Selling a business is not easy.
We were very thankful to have met Talon and Lisa Kuhns from ATK Ventures and feel very grateful for what they have accomplished for us. We would highly recommend ATK Ventures to help you sell your business.

Russ & Rosie PattinsonKleen Air Services

Talon is the only person I trust to send my network to for purchasing or selling their businesses. His team is professional, thorough, and relentless in their work.

Ryan JohnsonBear Capital Ventures, Inc.

Talon & the amazing team at ATK ventures are tremendous. i highly recommend them to anyone that interested in selling a business.

Earnest MorganEarnest B’s Texas BBQ

Highly recommend this group if you’re considering placing your business on the market. They are a pleasure to work with and understand all the ins and outs of the process. Talon even helped us capture ERTC credits in excess of 81k for our company. Very relational, and resourceful.

Jon RiddleTop Gun Air Conditioning & Heating

Talon, I want to let you know that Lesha and I sincerely appreciate you and your team. Not sure if I told you the whole story, but I had been praying about what to do with our company after my Son left (on good terms). I received a call out of the blue from Danielle, a call I normally would not have taken. I felt good about our first conversation and immediately you Talon had my confidence. The honesty and integrity were very apparent from the beginning. ATK ventures directly impacted our ability to move to the next stage in our life and did a wonderful job even with some difficult moments. I would tell anyone that if you are selling or buying a business you could not do better than ATK. Talon and Lisa, thank you and God Bless you, my friends.

Chris SprolesCentral Texas Plumbing

We were referred to Randy Fletcher and Talon Kuhns with ATK Ventures when it was time to sales our Automotive repair business along with our property near downtown Dallas. I thought it was going to be an overwhelming process. They both counseled my husband and I on every step. Randy Fletcher was my contact person. He answered every email, text, and phone call within minutes. Randy took time to answer all my questions and to make sure that I was understanding the process every step of the way. Randy only brought to us serious buyers prepared to meet our price. Randy also made tax saving recommendations that would help us save when closing the deal. ATK Ventures more than exceeded all our expectations.
My only regret is that I won't be in daily or weekly contact with Randy Fletcher. He brightened my day every time we spoke. I would highly recommend ATK Ventures and both Randy Fletcher and Talon Kuhns when looking to buy or sale any business and business property.

Robin Jouett

Jeff Marlow is a quality, experienced broker professional. If you are looking for attention to detail, I suggest you ask for him.

Richard ArmstrongArmstrong The Law Firm P.C.

These guys are pros at maxing out your exit. They understand all the hard work put in to creating your business and help you get a realistic value in mind, then realize that value in the end.

David BryantCleod9 Voice

I've worked with Talon multiple times on different mergers and acquisitions activities. He and his team are 100% fantastic. Talon is sharp and professional. Would recommend without hesitation!

Nathan LindleyLindley Home Services

ATK Ventures is the BEST!!!! My husband passed away at the beginning of the year and I knew I needed to sell the business. Although I was nervous, I contacted Talon and he found me a buyer immediately and got the process going. I couldn’t thank Talon and Lisa at ATK Ventures anymore. Quick, easy, and flawless closing. If you’re looking to sell your business, look no further. ATK Ventures will find you the right buyer. Thank you again Talon and Lisa for all of your hard work!

Heather DiacossavasNick’s Air Services

Talon and his team ATK Ventures are truly first class. Talon advised me on what I thought would be a potentially complex acquisition structure. Talon was quickly able to suggest several possible transaction structures and more importantly he was able to explain the structures in a language I understood. If you are looking to sell your business (now or in the future), buy a business or are looking for liquidity you should definitely reach out to ATK and tap into their wealth of experience!

Todd HanessOwner, CMIT Solutions of Plano & Garland

We have worked with ATK on several acquisitions. They are always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more deals with them. Best lower-middle market M&A firm in Dallas. Hands down.

AcquirerLindley Home Services

Our company just completed the acquisition of an air conditioning company that was represented by ATK Ventures. Randy and Talon were amazing to deal with from the bid negotiation stage, all the way through diligence and closing. We closed last week and are looking forward to lining up the next deal with them.

Neil BhapkarChill Brothers


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