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Our Process

Integrity. Vision. Success.

Phase One: Engage & Prepare

Step One
Discovery Meeting

Discovery meetings are confidential and last about an hour. We learn about your exit goals, provide our opinion of value for your company, and explain various exit scenarios.

Step Two
Engagement Letter

If you are ready to sell, your company is ready for the market, and we are confident we can achieve your goals, we sign an engagement letter to sell your company for maximum value.

Step Three
Marketing Package & Buyer List

We begin identifying potential buyers and collecting company information so we can begin creating your Confidential Information Memorandum or CIM and other marketing materials.

Step Four
Sell Side Due Diligence & CIM

We complete sell side due diligence and your Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) to share with qualified buyers after they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Phase Two: Go to Market & Select Buyer

Step Five
Qualify Buyers & Entice IOI's

We qualify potential buyers based on their ability to operate the business and fund the transaction. We then entice Indications of Interest (IOI’s) and select the top 3 – 5 buyers.

Step Six
Facilitate Buyer Meetings & Entice LOI's

We introduce you to the best potential buyers and entice offers or Letters of Intent (LOI’s) from the buyers you select.

Step Seven
Review Offers & Accept Offer

We review all offers with you and you decide which one to accept. You also have the option to reject any offers or if necessary, we can negotiate a counteroffer on your behalf.

Phase Three: Due Diligence & Legal

Step Eight
Buy Side Due Diligence

Once you select an offer or Letter of Intent (LOI), buy side due diligence begins. We have already completed sell side diligence, so we are prepared to defend the value of your company.

Step Nine
Create & Execute Legal Documents

Our vetted team of experienced M&A attorneys make sure your interests are protected. We remove any final contingencies and execute the definitive legal agreements.

Step Ten
Close & Celebrate

Finally, we close and fund the transaction. Now it’s time to celebrate! Selling a business is life-changing and it is truly an honor to help you Maximize Your Exit!