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Austin Business Intermediary Services

Achieve a profitable exit from your business by collaborating with ATK Ventures and utilizing our Austin business intermediary services. We specialize in streamlining the business-selling process for proprietors of middle-market companies from a variety of industries.

Through our business intermediary services in Austin, Texas, you will have access to all the resources necessary to sell your company quickly and for the highest possible price. Our staff of seasoned industry veterans is prepared to guide you through every step of this process.

Simplifying the business sale process

Our approach to selling a business at ATK Ventures is fairly unique. We have developed a three-step procedure that streamlines the entire procedure. This procedure enables us to work methodically through the transaction from beginning to end, providing expert counsel at each stage. This consists of:

Taking a seat to converse with you. This is the initial phase of our business intermediary services in Austin. We take the time to evaluate your company and discover what you hope to accomplish with the transaction. In addition to being free, this consultation is an opportunity to learn more about your options.
Providing a business valuation so that we can establish a reasonable price. We provide thorough business valuations that take into account all the critical factors that will impact your company’s fair market value. This crucial phase of our business intermediary services in Austin, TX ensures that your business is priced appropriately to attract qualified purchasers.
Streamlining all aspects of the transaction, from marketing your business to qualified purchasers to overseeing the closing. You can relax knowing that this crucial task is being handled by competent individuals.

When the time arrives for you to exit your business, be sure to utilize ATK Ventures and our Austin business intermediary services to maximize your exit. Meet with a member of our staff to acquire additional information about our services.