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DFW Certified Business Appraisers

Before making a substantial transition with your business, you need to know what it’s worth, which is why so many business owners and entrepreneurs turn to the DFW-certified business appraisers on staff at ATK Ventures.

At ATK Ventures, we offer comprehensive sell-side advisory services to middle-market companies with annual revenues between $2 million and $250 million. We assist business owners in achieving their objectives through this process by providing them with comprehensive exit strategies.

And the majority of this begins with the evaluation procedure. As certified business appraisers in DFW, we have tried-and-true methods for providing you with rock-solid, defensible valuations. In order to provide you with an accurate number, we analyze all important metrics that are unique to your business and industry.

With the assistance of our DFW-certified business appraisers, you can sell your company for top revenue.

ATK Ventures will provide you with greater insight than just the value of your business. While this is an essential piece of information to begin with, our professionals will work with you to identify changes you can make to your business before you list it.

The price at which you list your company will depend on its valuation. You want to ensure that, when your business enters the market and we target qualified buyers with your listing, you can command the highest price possible. The qualified staff at ATK Ventures can assist you with all aspects of exit planning, from tax implications to ensuring that you meet your personal financial objectives through the transaction.

Free consultations with our certified business evaluators in DFW.

You can receive a complimentary consultation and initial business evaluation from ATK Ventures. If you choose our team to sell your business, you will not be required to pay anything upfront, nor will you be charged a commission if we are successful. We are prepared to earn our money in the traditional manner.

Connect with our DFW-certified business appraisers in order to gain information and insight regarding your options. The session is free, and the information provided is priceless.