Unique Process

We Simplify the M&A Process

Phase One: Engage & Prepare

Step One
Discovery Meeting

Discovery meetings usually last about an hour. This is where we learn about your business and exit goals. If we gain enough information in the meeting, we are typically able to provide you with a low to high Opinion of Value as well as provide consultation on how to develop an exit strategy.

Step Two
Engagement Letter

If we determine your business is ready to go to market and you are ready to sell, we execute an Engagement Letter and completely align all the resources of our firm with your goals in order to Maximize Your Exit.

Step Three
Marketing Package & Buyer List

During this step we will collect information sufficient to create your Business Profile. We then research our extensive buyer database and if necessary, confidentially market your business online to a diverse pool of both financial and strategic buyers without giving away any company specific information.

Step Four
Sell Side Due Diligence & CIM

During this step we complete your company’s financial analysis and CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum). We have our highly experienced Fortune 500 Financial Strategist review your financials, so we are able to present them confidently and defend them if necessary to a prospective buyer and/or third-party accounting firm.

Phase Two: Go to Market & Select Buyer

Step Five
Qualify Buyers & Entice IOI's

During this step we filter through all of the interested potential buyers to select only those that have both the ability to operate the business as well as fund the transaction. We then give these prospective buyers a deadline to submit a written IOI (Indication of Interest) which helps us further identify only the serious buyers.

Step Six
Facilitate Buyer Meetings & Entice LOI's

During this step we begin to schedule in person meetings to introduce you to prospective buyers. Many times, we can identify the buyer within the first few minutes if there is enough “synergy” between buyer and seller. We then listen to you to determine which buyers you prefer. At this point we entice offers by setting a deadline to submit an LOI (Letter of Intent). Only LOI’s that are received by the set date will be considered.

Step Seven
Review Offers & Accept Offer

During this step we will review all offers with you. You then have the option to decline, accept or counter. If necessary, we can negotiate price, terms or deal structure with prospective buyers in order to come to an agreement.

Phase Three: Due Diligence & Legal

Step Eight
Buy Side Due Diligence

Once an offer is accepted, buy-side due diligence begins. At this point we have already completed sell-side due diligence so we are prepared to defend your business to a prospective buyer or any third-party firm they may hire to help them complete this step. This is one of several factors that truly separates our firm from most others as this is the step in which deals can completely fall apart if the seller is not fully prepared.

Step Nine
Create & Execute Legal Documents

This is another critical step of selling a company. With our experienced team of vetted attorneys, we can help navigate this process and remove all contingencies to ensure the transaction gets closed.

Step Ten
Close & Celebrate

This is the goal we’ve all been working towards and what makes all of the work we put into selling your business worthwhile! Selling a business is a life changing event and one that we take very seriously. It is truly an honor to use our experience and expertise to serve our clients and help them find the right buyer, negotiate the right price/structure and Maximize Their Exit! Now it’s time to relish the moment and celebrate knowing you can now put your plans for the next season of your life into action!